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SkyDesk Cards R


Business cards sharing and management application for companies and organizations.-Auto text recognition for business cards in multiple languages (by using OCR).-Search easily target customers from lots of business cards you have-Share the cards with other members of your organization group.Do you know who is related to your customer?When you want to know this information, SkyDesk cards R can help you. You can share business cards and personal connection information with other members and can also contact with the customers introduced by your colleagues.SkyDesk Cards R is a business cards management service to support your sales performance.
●Terms of Use-To start using SkyDesk, you need to first sign up to become a user and belong to SkyDesk Cards R organization.(User registration is free.) Choose whether to create a Cards R organization by yourself or to ask the administrator of Cards R to invite you to the organization. -Except SkyDesk subscription fees, the customers may have to pay telecommunication fees to a telecommunication company.-The service period corresponds to the SkyDesk service. These functions cannot be used during the maintenance of SkyDesk. ※Maintenance schedule will be announced in the SkyDesk website in advance.
Please contact us for any other inquiries from our support page.